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As we continue to shift gears from water sports to winter sports here in Chelan, you may be wondering how the drastic temperature changes of winter can impact your home. This is especially concerning with flooring, which can sometimes shift and warp during seasonal changes. Here, we’ll explore the top flooring options designed to persist

Carpet Padding

It’s no secret that carpet handles temperature changes well, but with the growing popularity of memory foam carpet padding, we’re often asked if cold weather can be a problem. Yes, memory foam will often become more firm in colder temperatures (i.e. if you turn off the heater before going to work). However, this is pretty normal for memory foam and will not degrade the performance of your padding. As an added bonus, both carpet and memory foam padding will help improve your home’s insulation.

Porcelain Tile: Great for All Climates

Tile & Stone flooring has a well-established history of both indoor and outdoor use in all climates. While the versatility of modern tile & stone flooring for these applications vary among different selections, porcelain continues to prove itself a solid choice. It’s frequently used for outdoor patios and walkways even in climates like ours. It’s considered frost resistant and proves quite impervious to breaking, making it a particularly useful choice in our climate. And with beautiful selections like Amesbury and Banca, you’ll find excellent choices for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Engineered Hardwood: Authentic Wood Engineered to Perform Better

Many species of hardwood flooring have a long history of warping and buckling during colder seasons. Sadly, this can often lead to structural damage for the home itself. Fortunately, a newer option for hardwood flooring overcomes these challenges: engineered hardwood. Engineered panels are still composed of actual wood, though they feature a layered, rather than solid, construction. Each layer is composed of recycled wood leftover from the construction of other hardwood flooring. This allows engineers to craft a plank that’s more versatile than its traditional counterpart. See it for yourself with such selections as Blue Springs Oak and Miller Hickory.

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