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Lakes and mountains – they are what define Chelan as a hub for outdoor enthusiasts. We love enjoying the trails and waterways right alongside our city’s many visitors – except we come home after and track it all in inside. Indeed, so much of what we love necessitates a tougher-than-normal home, especially its flooring.

Fortunately, there are many innovations that have made flooring more durable, waterproof and life proof than ever before. Here are a few features to look for when searching for the most durable flooring.

R2X Carpet Fibers: The Secret Behind Waterproof Carpet

Up To Weight Carpet

If you’re considering carpet, R2X fibers are composed of a special type of nylon that is carefully engineered to prevent liquids from soaking into the carpet’s fibers. You can find it on such stylish lines as our Up To Weight I selection.

LifeGuard Backing

Front of House LifeGuard carpet

So it’s great to have fibers that repel spills, but what about soaking through the carpet itself? This is where the LifeGuard backing comes in. It actually keeps spills sitting on top of the carpet’s surface rather than allowing them to soak through to the subfloor. You’ll find it on such stylish lines as Front of House I & II.

Soil Proof

Both the R2X and LifeGuard technologies also help repel soil, dust and even pet dander! In fact, most of our carpet lines that implement each of these features are certified pet friendly as well. So after a long day of hiking along the Cascade Mountains with your best furry friend, rest assured that any leftovers ending up in your carpet can be easily cleaned with a vacuum. Pro tip: use a vacuum with a HEPA filter for improved air quality.

Life Proof Hard Surface Flooring

Of course, life poof flooring is about more than just being waterproof. Here are a few features and options that make different types of flooring more durable, even in the long run.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Dark Bulwark LVP flooring in a bathroom

Luxury vinyl flooring seems to have achieved the perfect balance between aesthetic appeal, durability and price. In addition to being waterproof, LV flooring is naturally impervious to odors, resistant to wear and holds up well against dents. Even better, it can be designed to perfectly match the aesthetics of nearly any other flooring type, such as stone or hardwood.

Hardwood Flooring

Parish Pine rugged hardwood flooring

If you still prefer the actual thing, the durability of hardwood flooring has also come a long way. For example, innovative finishes such as ScufResist™ Platinum have been tested and designed for exceptional durability. Below the surface, enhanced cores such as Stabilitek are engineered to hold up against years of heavy foot traffic, seasonal changes and even moisture! Parish Pine is one of many selections offering both. Needless to say, these floors have been crafted with the rugged family in mind.

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To browse Chelan’s most impressive selection of life proof flooring, or to get expert advice for the best flooring to meet the needs of your home and family, visit the Lake Interiors showroom today!