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With a new year comes new trends. And this year, we’re setting the foundation for the style of an entire decade. As flooring continues to advance, we are seeing new innovations in terms of both style and performance. Here, we’ll briefly discuss some of our top flooring selections that feature a completely waterproof design.

Orchestration Stone (LVT)

Stone-look LVT flooring in a luxurious bathroom

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is the original waterproof flooring, and Orchestration Stone captures it beautifully. It offers mesmerizing stone visuals and comes in a variety of style options. These options vary by both size and color, allowing it to customize trendy patterns with ease. It’s also suitable for commercial applications and is protected by a 20 year commercial warranty.

Eminence (Engineered Hardwood)

Waterproof hardwood flooring in a kitchen

Hardwood floors haven’t had a great history in moisture prone areas. Wood expands when it’s wet, whether that moisture comes from spills or humidity. However, engineered hardwood overcomes this challenge – and Eminence is one of our most beautiful and versatile engineered wood plank selections. It’s easily installed using the innovative (and waterproof) click installation method. No acclimation period is needed and the SPC core is designed to resist dents and scratches.

Lionheart (Anso Nylon Carpet)

Waterproof patterned carpet in a living room

Anso Nylon carpet is an industry-leading carpet fiber. The backing is completely waterproof, preventing spills from soaking through. The fibers themselves are manufactured with R2X, a treatment that surrounds carpet fibers and repels stains and moisture.

Our Lionheart carpet line is constructed of Anso Nylon and features trendy geometric shapes. As carpet styles become more affluent, we’re seeing growing popularity for geometric shapes. Lionheart offers them with a variety of color options.

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There are more waterproof flooring options than ever, so the choice you make will likely depend on other considerations as well. If you’re ready to make an informed choice for your home, call Chelan’s leading flooring experts at Lake Interiors today!