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Tile & stone flooring is a timeless classic that has always proven trendy. From mansions to ballrooms and even castles, stone flooring has set a standard as the foundation for luxurious interior design styles. Yet, as new innovations continue to drive the flooring industry, we continue to see emerging trends related to style, color and especially performance. Here, we’ll take a quick look at tile & stone’s top trends for 2019.

Colors: The Blues Dominate The Charts Again

Blue tile & stone flooring

This year, blue is set to take center stage as one of the most popular color choices for tile & stone. The trend began in Italy, where some of the world’s most affluent designers began experimenting with various shades of blue as the foundation for a room’s style. Fortunately, it doesn’t necessarily have to be dark blue or even exclusively one color; our Conley collection offers a look at how dark and soft blues can blend with shades of tan for a beautiful finish.

Porcelain Leading the Way

Amesbury outdoor porcelain flooring scene

Although ceramic and porcelain remain the most common selections for tile & stone, porcelain’s popularity has been growing rapidly. After a closer look, it’s easy to see why.

Porcelain tile features a denser build that makes it more durable – so durable, in fact, that it’s even suitable for outdoor applications. In fact, the dense build even makes porcelain tile more resistant to seasonal changes.  So, no more expansion or contraction as temperatures rise and fall throughout the year – as they tend to frequently here in Chelan! Porcelain also has a much lower water absorption rate than ceramic, making a great choice rain, shine or snow.

Even better, porcelain is resistant to bacteria. This is one of the reasons for its popularity in kitchens and bathrooms. But with an increased awareness on the many sources of bacteria, we’re beginning to see porcelain used in other rooms – and newer styles suitable for those spaces. Take a look at our Coventry line as a great example.

Tile: Bigger is Better

Amado tile and stone floor room scene

With the neutral trend currently taking interior design by storm, we’re seeing the popularity of larger tiles soar. 10″ and larger tiles are especially popular right now, given their ease of achieving greater uniformity with both colors and subtle patterns. One of our most popular large tile selections is Amado, a unique tile & stone selection available in field tiles as large as 18″x 18″.


Tile & Stone: Coming to a Wall Near You

Collina porcelain tile used on a wall

It’s certainly not uncommon to see tile & stone used to adorn fireplaces and kitchen backsplashes. But in 2019, this popular accent trend is spreading to the walls themselves. Tile & stone wall accents offer a unique opportunity to express a little more creativity with your home’s design. Wall tiles can be used to compliment or contrast your flooring; we’ve seen beautiful rooms use both approaches. And with the convenient mesh backing attached to modern tile & stone selections, installing wall accents is easy and can often be done over the existing walls. Check out Collina and Banca as examples that look great for spaces inside and outside of the kitchen.

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