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Now is a perfect time to consider new carpet for your home. Today more than ever, there’s a tremendous range of pattern & color variety available in carpet due to design and yarn innovations.

Today, Suzanne Zurfluh, Product Marketing Manager for Tuftex Carpets of California, provided some insight about new carpet trends.  She has worked at Tuftex for over 17 years with her first 16 years spent working in Product Development. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Textile Design and an MBA in Marketing.  She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Darryl.

Tuftex has always been on the forefront of innovative design and fashion-forward color trends. Tuftex’s product line offers a fantastic selection of the hottest patterns and colors for the consumer that is looking for something unique.

CarpetsPlus COLORTILE: Thank you for taking time to talk. With so many other flooring options today, is carpet still an option for today’s home owners and why?

Suzanne: Carpet is definitely an option.  It’s setting the pace in home decor and often becoming the focal point for a room. With more homeowners taking a longer-term view of their homes, there is a move toward bolder designs for the floor and more of a willingness to let the floors set the tone for their rooms.

CPCT: Wow. So homeowners are becoming bolder in their choices, whereas in the past, they may have chosen some shade of beige. What are some trends you’ve seen with carpet design that have become popular lately?

Tuftex Pattern SampleSuzanne: Right. Since they’re choosing to stay in their homes longer, they are tending to choose something they really like – that suits their taste. For instance, patterned carpet continues to be extremely popular because of advances in machine technology and design preferences. The mix of multi-dimensional cut/loop constructions, bold designs, and yarn variations can create a beautiful product. Geometrics and stripes are very popular pattern trends in carpet.

These patterns can be sophisticated, timeless, contemporary or globally influenced. Many of these carpet designs can make a dramatic statement in a room, in an entry way, or on a staircase. Organic patterns with floral and scroll designs are also popular carpet choices for consumers who may want to bring the look of the outdoors inside the home.

CPCT: I’m really glad to see so many great patterns available today – affordable choices too. I’ve always been interested in how culture and technology influences design. Environmental responsibility is a perfect example.  We saw the emergence of Anso nylon several years ago as a recyclable, carpet-to-carpet-again fiber. But what about the way it looks? Are more natural looks emerging in today’s carpet design?

Suzanne: Absolutely. As green design continues to gain ground in mainstream design, carpet that is inspired by natural wool and sisal continues to grow in popularity. Carpet designs which are created with nylon yarn are constructed to mimic a rustic and distressed aesthetic similar to natural fibers. Striated carpet designs that have a gradual fading of light and dark shades give the floor an aged or antiqued appearance. These carpet styles add a sense of hominess and warmth to the floor at a greater value than natural fibers and are also easier to maintain.

CPCT: I notice that some of the yarns appear to be a mix of colors. What’s the purpose of doing that?

Suzanne: Yes. Two-colored or tone-on-tone carpets continue to be a popular design trend whether incorporated into a patterned carpet or simply used in a cut pile texture. This beautiful mix of tonal colorations adds visual and textural interest which allows for more design versatility and flexibility for the room. The tone-on-tone and two-color designs give a multidimensional look to the floor while also helping to hide dirt.

CPCT: Love it. Anything with a dual-purpose is a real bonus.  Now what about the feel, the texture of carpet today? How does carpet design use texture?

Suzanne: Touch and texture is a popular design trend in carpet. Carpet that emphasizes on the sense of touch and texture, such as, soft textured loops, cut and loop patterns, and shag carpet inspires warmth and comfort on the floor while blending a variety of tactile qualities in the home. The blend of different yarn mixes also creates visual appeal and textural interest on the floor.

CPCT: Now for the hardest choice of many shoppers – color. What color do I choose? Many are afraid of making a wrong choice. Are you seeing any color trends for next year beginning to emerge?

Suzanne: Tuftex Carpets of California is known for its beautiful array of West Coast inspired neutral shades as well as a luxurious mix of fashion-forward color choices.

Gray and taupe continue to be the carpet colors of choice. These new favorite neutrals are extremely trendy in furniture, fabrics, and paint. Both of these neutrals are very Taupes and Grays Popular in 2015versatile and make a glamorous backdrop for other home furnishings. Both gray and taupe can work well alone, with a bright pop of color, or with white.

A beautiful variety of blues and teals are also popular in home décor. These hues are showing up in bold and sophisticated ways. The colors can be bright and energizing or soothing and tranquil.

Tones of orange, coral, pink, and plum are also popular accent tones in home décor today. These optimistic and exotic colors are inspired by vintage florals and tropical retreats. These glamorous hues are perfect accents that help to liven up neutrals such as, gray, beige, and taupe.

Fresh greens like emerald, lime, and moss are also being used in home interiors. These green tones which signify growth and renewal are often associated with nature and the outdoors. They also represent the trend toward eco-friendly and natural design.

Suzanne, thank you for sharing so many incredibly helpful tips and insights into carpet trends to look forward to in 2018.